Datto Has PRIDE

June 12, 2019

Datto Has PRIDE

By: Michelle Gallagher

(Steven Walter also contributed to this blog)

Who has Pride? Datto has Pride! No really - Datto has Datto Pride, an inclusive Datto community and group dedicated to driving LGBTQ+ friendly initiatives in our offices, providing support and networking opportunities, and promoting activities that raise awareness about the LGBTQ+ community. One of the best and most essential aspects of Datto Pride is that everyone is welcome. The more people involved, including allies, the better!

Nate Levesque, a Software Engineer in our Rochester office, shared why Datto’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ community is so important. "The knowledge that Datto has my back and respects me and others as LGBTQ+ individuals gives me the confidence to bring my whole self to work and to feel comfortable being open about who I am."

Over the past three years, Datto Pride has blossomed from a small group of people talking over HipChat and a safe place to just be yourself, to a company-wide community passionate about diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. Datto Pride now has:

  • A Slack channel with over 80 people and nearly 1,000 messages sent in the last 30 days alone. Having this safe place to talk makes all the difference and you never know what the group will be chatting about next.
  • A monthly, multi-office Datto Pride meeting to talk about initiatives and provide a place and time for people to get together and be their authentic selves!
  • Datto Pride Week - a week-long celebration here at Datto, with offices around the world. We've held a simultaneous movie night across multiple offices (with a focused multi-office chat afterward), a multi-office onsite lunch while connected to each office through video conferencing, a Datto Pride-themed Happy Hour in multiple offices, and Free Lunch Friday catered by LGBTQ+ friendly (and local) restaurants. Our goal is to make this an annual event to celebrate the diversity and support that we have here at Datto.
  • Datto Pride swag - we have branded t-shirts (a portion of which were sold during Datto Pride Week last year to raise money for The Trevor Project), laptop stickers, and Datto Pride posters.
  • Community outreach - our Datto Pride team has built bonds within our local communities, including a partnership with the TCC in Norwalk.
  • Participated in the Lesbians Who Tech Summit in New York City. This opportunity gave our team the chance to share Datto's vision of inclusiveness and diversity.

Datto Pride means so much more than just the awesome swag and fun events. Datto Pride represents a commonality of people who want to be part of something bigger. The conversations that we have ranged from deep, thoughtful, and reflective to fun, lighthearted, and entertaining. When people need a safe space to vent, a patient sounding-board, a kind word, a friendly "Good Morning," or just someplace to chat about music, movies, and other current events, the #lgbtq channel is the place to go! Over the years, our group has helped to build friendships with coworkers that may have never had an opportunity to meet in the past. Since we strive for multi-office participation, we've been able to build bonds with people looking for that same sense of belonging no matter your location or time zone.

"I made a really good friend with someone on the other side of the country - someone who I would never have met if it wasn't for Datto Pride,” explained Steve Walter, Scrum Master in our Rochester Office. “It wasn't just the fact that we were both gay that brought us together. While it may have gotten us both in the same Slack channel, it was that we realized how much we had in common - and I'm so thankful for that friendship."

Rebecca Mahany, a Software Engineer in our Norwalk office, elaborated, "I love being part of such an inclusive, supportive group, and I appreciate everything Datto Pride does: from sponsoring charity lunches and organizing pride week to just being a fun Slack channel. Because of Datto Pride, I feel comfortable being out as a queer woman at work."

The goal of Datto Pride has never been to push an LGBTQ+ agenda solely, but rather to foster an inclusive community of humans at Datto, no matter who you are, what you do, or who you love. The level of involvement we have from upper management and C-Level executives to the Support, Sales, Engineering, and Administrative teams has helped Datto Pride evolve into what it is today. In the end, the bonds that we've built are what make Datto Pride something special - and we welcome everyone to join our ever-growing community.