DattoFest: Hot Tech & Cold Brew

May 9, 2016

DattoFest: Hot Tech & Cold Brew

By: Chris Brunau

What do you get when you combine Datto, Connecticut microbreweries, and some great food? DattoFest, of course!  

Our first-ever DattoFest is a great opportunity to network, tour Datto’s Norwalk office, learn about our departments, and enjoy some great food and beer.

“People can see what Datto is like with the incredible backdrop of some Connecticut microbreweries,” said Mike Mueller, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition.

“It’s a chance to build interest in the company as part of a long-term talent attraction strategy. We want to create excitement around the company and how joining Datto can enhance one’s career. Maybe they’re interested, but not ready to change venues. However, maybe they will six months from now or a year from now. DattoFest showcases the organization as a Best Place to Work.” he said.

Mueller and his team are already brainstorming for an event next fall, as well as possibly expanding the event to some of the other Datto offices such as Rochester and Boston.