Building Datto Down Under

February 1, 2016

Building Datto Down Under

By: Chris Brunau

For this week’s contribution to the Tech & Culture blog, James Bergl is sharing his experience at Datto. James is the ANZ Regional Manager at Datto. He is responsible for leading Datto’s Australia and New Zealand expansion.

Running an entire region from your cellphone and laptop is an incredibly thrilling experience. Whether I’m working from home, enjoying the view of the city and harbor bridge, or working at our office in downtown Sydney, having the opportunity to cultivate such a fresh market is amazing.

Looking back to when I started at Datto about six months ago, the company had no customer base, no office presence and no local billing in Australia. Now, our small team has moved into a new 30-person office, demonstrating our anticipated growth. It’s a wonderful position to be in, and Datto has really set us up for success.

Right from the start, Datto has been incredible. I’ve been in the industry for years now, but I can honestly say I’ve never worked for a company that has invested so heavily in their employees. They’re making it easy for me to develop a successful and thriving sales team. It’s not every day you get the chance to shape and leverage your experience at such a rewarding and unique company.

Of course, there are some challenges working remotely from the other side of the world. Occasionally it feels like people forget you’re a day ahead; they’re in the office while I’m in bed!

However, our Partner Success Manager, Ben Townsend, has really been amazing. Ben is a pivotal member of the team despite working 17,000km away. He helps ensure Datto is continuing to move forward and guarantees nothing is ever missed.

Our extended team has also been extremely supportive, despite being on the other side of the world. Everyone is bright, driven, intelligent and fighting for the same goal. They're making it possible for me to take on bold and new opportunities, allowing me to spread my wings and further develop my skill set.

As our team continues to grow, I’m looking forward to what Datto can build here in Australia.