A Third-Generation Software Developer—The Datto Generation

September 18, 2015

A Third-Generation Software Developer—The Datto Generation

By: Kristen Costogliola

For me, the road to a software developer came quite naturally. I very easily found development by following my mother and grandmother's footsteps.  Both are programmers and encouraged my love of computing early. 

After studying computer engineering in college, I knew that development was the direction I wanted to take.  After an internship I landed a job at an investment bank where I was able to explore many different programming languages and development styles.  

Being a Software Developer at Datto can mean many things. The largest responsibility we have is building and maintaining all the applications we maintain. Development teams are broken up by the "products" or applications we support. The developers work on everything from the "portals" which internal teams and partners access, to the development of the devices themselves. In addition, there is a research and development group that runs with different ideas and concepts that we could potentially adopt in the future as a product. Although you can work in different areas, all developers here are looking to solve problems in the best way.

A typical day for me varies dramatically depending on what our backlog of work is. Every day includes a daily standup where every person on the team gives an update on their progress and what they are working on for the day. Before and after that are dictated by what development is priority. Development can be split into two options-- bug fixes or enhancements.  For bug fixes, the first steps are recreating the issue and diving into the code to see what the best fix is.  Depending on priority, a fix can be a speed fix that will just work or refactoring of the code to improve the quality. For enhancements or new development it is important to determine the best way to add new code to the code base and follow standards.  

After development is complete, each request will need to be code reviewed by peers and tested to verify that the fix works as expected and does not break anything else. Developers work in a team much more than you may think. Any issues that you face can be discussed together, and best practices are decided upon through conversation.

Being a software developer at Datto requires a passion for technology. Many projects, although discussed in a team environment, are personal coding exercises. A developer here needs to be able to run with a project on their own and if any problems arise go to team members to solve the issue.

Datto allows developers to explore their own way and decide the best way to solve problems within their teams.  Although we encourage industry best practices and use set frameworks, there are still flexibilities left to the teams to determine. Datto encourages self-learning and self-improvement.

Outside of staring at a computer screen all day, I love to spend the remainder of my time outdoors or visiting new places.  For vacations and on the weekends you can find me doing a variety of activities outdoors like hiking, sports or just walking around town.  A bucket list goal of mine is to visit and hike in every single National Park in the United States.