A Tech Support Expert's Journey From The Navy To Datto

February 26, 2016

A Tech Support Expert's Journey From The Navy To Datto

By: Chris Brunau

For this week’s tech and culture blog, Ricardo Cartagena shares his experience as a Technical Support Expert with Datto, as well as his technology and military experience leading up to joining Datto.

How did you come across Datto?

When I learned about Datto, it was the perfect fit. I saw the founder and CEO of Datto, Austin McChord’s, passion for education and constantly improving Datto. Datto gives everyone on the team opportunity to grow within the company and help Datto reach new goals. I feel fortunate to have met my match. With help from Datto, I’m able to further my IT skills and my education.

Another reason Datto is so attractive to me is because I have the opportunity to work with Linux, my favorite operating environment. Linux is unique and robust, and presents some different opportunities that you won’t have in other operating environments.

What was your IT background before coming to Datto?

I had prior education at California College San Diego and the Porter & Chester Institute. When I moved back to Connecticut in 2012, I worked in various roles for a cellphone company. First, I started repairing mobile phones and PC technician work. In addition, I did back-end work on our file servers, junior system admin work, helpdesk and backing data up.

We talked about your military experience for our Veterans Day blog. Would you mind talking a bit about that again and how that has carried over into your career?

I was an enlisted member in active duty for the United States Navy from October 2004 until February 2012. I was an Aviation Boatswain's Mates, responsible for aircraft catapults, arresting gear and barricades. We operated fuel and oil transfer systems, as well as directed aircraft on the flight deck and in hangar bays prior to launch and post recovery. My team played a major part in launching and recovering aircraft quickly and safely from both land and ships. This included aircraft handling, fire fighting and salvage and rescue operations.

My military experience made me into the motivated person I am today. It opened up my eyes to new responsibilities and how to set goals for myself. It taught me that being on time is just as important as managing your time.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing at Datto?

One of the major things I am hoping to obtain at Datto is the knowledge and skills to help me be a better asset to the future innovation at Datto. I’m learning more advanced Linux and further expanding my knowledge in the IT field.

What makes up your life outside of Datto?

In my spare time I'm usually having family time with my daughters. I also enjoy gaming on PCs and I always custom build my own rigs. I’m hoping to travel more this year and visit a few of my old Navy friends in California.

What’s your favorite part about working at Datto?

I love what I do. I love being a veteran and most of all I love being an IT professional at Datto and utilizing my skills with my peers and learning every day from smart individuals who see things from all different angles. I’m grateful for all those who support my journey as an IT pro -  my family and close colleagues who are still with me to this day. I want to further innovate when it comes to technology somehow and I know starting off at Datto was the best decision of my life. I love my job.