A Tech Support Expert's Experience On The Road

September 30, 2016

A Tech Support Expert's Experience On The Road

By: Chris Brunau

Although being honored as an Tech Support MVP may have been a shock for Austin Hursh, it shouldn’t be all that surprising. Austin, a Tech Support Expert working out of Datto's Rochester office, regularly goes above and beyond to ensure any issues that may be troubling a partner are resolved. Thanks to his hard work, Austin had the chance to attend a roadshow with the Business Development team at SMB TechFest in California.

Working out of Rochester, Austin doesn’t typically have the chance to integrate with other departments such as sales and business development, which are primarily located in Norwalk. According to Austin, it was an incredible experience all around.

“It was fun to meet some of the sales team and get more interaction with their team. We typically don’t work with them a lot unless one of their partners has a major issue that needs a quick resolution,” said Austin. “Seeing them in action and putting a face to the name gave me a whole new perspective,” he added.

Although the trip was only three days, Austin also had some great interaction with some Datto partners.

“It was a fun and unique experience. I’m always talking to partners on the phone, but I’m working with them when something is broken and wrong and they need immediate help. It was nice to see the partners out of that and converse about some new products or just without urgency.”

In addition to speaking with partners, Austin also had the opportunity to connect with some people who were not familiar with Datto yet.

“In some cases, I just gave a broad overview, but with others, it was cool to get into the nitty gritty technical side and really see their eyes light up when they heard how awesome Datto is,” Austin said.