A Successful Start For Datto's Charity Committee

April 13, 2016

A Successful Start For Datto's Charity Committee

By: Chris Brunau

In just a few months of existence, Datto’s Charity Committee has made huge strides. After a successful holiday season with food and clothing drives, the committee hasn’t slowed down.

One of the larger initiatives in the first quarter of 2016 was working with Save The Children to sponsor children. Each of the departments in Norwalk, as well as every Datto office has sponsored a child. Sponsorship gives children access to various necessities such as health and nutrition services and education programs.

In addition to Save The Children, another large event for the committee was Cycle For Survival, an indoor cycling marathon to raise money to fight rare cancers. Eight Datto employees participated and fundraised for the event, including a $1,000 from Datto.

“We try to do our best to sponsor and help out monetarily, and work with anyone who makes a request. It’s very important for our employees to understand our committee and know we are available for their causes,” said Nick Hagen, Midwest Sales Manager and Committee Chair.

For Hagen and the rest of the committee, it was a successful first quarter and they’re looking forward to what they can accomplish in the coming months.

“Our plan is to do one foundation piece per quarter, with the Make A Wish Foundation our next big initiative. This will be another great opportunity to work with children and put a smile on their face,” said Hagen.

Along with some successful events, the committee expanded in size, and now has at least one member from every Datto office. “We’ve put 12 people from different parts of the company together to collaborate for some great causes. I’ve come to know these people really well and it’s helped us form a bond through a common goal,” said Hagen.

According to Hagen, the committee’s early success wouldn’t be possible without the hard work from the members and the support from Datto.

“Datto is letting us take the reigns and get behind the causes that are important to the employees. They’re giving us everything we need for this committee to succeed.”