A Preview Of Datto's ZFS User Conference

March 15, 2017

A Preview Of Datto's ZFS User Conference

By: Chris Brunau

When Bill Speirs, Tom Caputi, and Stuart Mark attended the OpenZFS Developer Summit in September 2016, they discovered a great opportunity to bring a ZFS User Conference to Datto.

Fast forward to March of 2017, and Datto is hosting our first ZFS User Conference. The conference will feature talks from various developers at Datto, as well as a fireside chat hosted by Datto CEO Austin McChord with guest Matt Ahrens, one of the creators of ZFS.

“Beyond the talks, one of the most important aspects of conferences of this type is access to fellow ZFS users who have probably already solved the problem you're currently facing. There will be a vast and deep knowledge of ZFS present at this conference. Swapping contact info and battle stories is often the best part of the conference,” said Speirs, Senior Director of Software Engineering at Datto.

Speirs hopes to make the conference an annual event. “As administrators of probably the largest ZFS deployment on Linux in the world, there is no reason why we shouldn't host this conference annually and bring like-minded people together so we can all learn,” said Speirs.

In addition to being a key part in the ZFS Conference, Speirs recently released ZFS On Linux: Internals And Administration. He created this as a reference for users to look back from time to time and learn everything they need to know about ZFS.

For more information on the ZFS Conference, head over to the conference page.