A Peek At Our New Boston Office

November 18, 2015

A Peek At Our New Boston Office

By: Chris Brunau

Before any hidden whiskey rooms or Boston skyline views, there was a much smaller company called Backupify. Located between Central and Harvard Square (in the rear of a church – no lie.)

Backupify was the early building blocks of the Datto Boston office. Datto acquired Backupify in December 2014. The fit between the two companies was undeniable and it set in motion continued growth for Datto and for the cloud-to-cloud backup market in general. It was immediately apparent that the Datto’s Boston employees were outgrowing our small church basement and it was time for an upgrade. A brand new space would also offer a fresh beginning to welcome us into the Datto family.

Datto’s Boston office is located in the heart of downtown Boston. After a quick four-month build out, our new office is fitting all of our needs and then some! Let me take you through a tour of some cool additions.

Open up the hidden bookcase to find a secret bar. The bar is stocked with anything a bartender may need. From the built-in booth seating, to the LED shelves, to the glassware. It allows coworkers to mingle after work, share a drink and make the office feel a little more like home. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t dreamt of having a secret bookcase door?

While building out the Boston office it was important that it felt like we were one Datto family but not forgetting our Boston roots. Following suit with the disaster-themed conference rooms in Norwalk, ours have a Boston-disaster spin. Employees can book rooms like, Perfect Storm, Nor’easter and Molasses Flood. The names were even created by our very own employees!

The game room is a place where anyone can indulge in a little fun. Whether it’s a lunchtime shuffleboard game, some late-night Guitar Hero or a game of Mortal Kombat against your colleague, there’s something for everyone. We even have a custom-made arcade console with the Datto logo. Since the game area flows right into the kitchen, it’s a popular spot for employees to hang out and grab a snack.

The 3D MakerBot gives us the capability to quickly customize the perfect solution to any issue. Not only has the 3D printer been helpful for pesky office needs, it’s available for any employee to craft up a fun decoration for their desk. Building an open layout was important for collaboration, while the addition of whiteboard space helped create designated work areas amongst the various departments. Adding plenty of whiteboard and glass allow ideas to travel with employees wherever they may be in the office. A key component to this concept was the latticed wall that greets you as soon as you step inside the office. This suspended wall designates our reception area and entryway but doesn’t close out the rest of the office.

Now that we’re all part of the Datto family we wanted to continue celebrating the company’s successes together. The trophy shelves are a reminder to every employee and anyone who steps into our office of the great work we have accomplished as well as the hard work we continue to bring to Datto every day.

While we may have the great benefit of using private phone booths, our own secret bar and games we can play for hours, the most important feature of this office is that it feels like a place we can all be happy to call our second home. This office serves as a space where we can collaborate on the latest marketing strategies, discover solutions to tough cloud backup challenges, practice new sales techniques, all while sharing a warm cappuccino with a coworker. The Boston office comes with lots of perks, but the perks are even better when you get to share them with amazing coworkers.

Oh, and did I mention the hidden bookcase??