A Look At Datto's New UK Office

July 22, 2016

A Look At Datto's New UK Office

By: Sarah Roberts

Just half an hour outside of London is the Thames Valley, a part of the UK often referred to as ‘Britain’s Silicon Valley’. It’s also home to Datto’s new EMEA office. Let’s take a look back at the winding road, a story of trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

A Brief History Of Datto In The UK

It began in Aberdeen in 2011. Andrew Stuart, now EMEA’s Managing Director, was working at an MSP when he sought out a new business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) product, which could do things better, faster, and cheaper than existing solutions. Stuart saw the opportunity Datto presented, and set up Paradeon Technologies, which was to be Datto’s exclusive UK Distributor. Initially, Stuart aimed to sell a plethora of products to UK MSPs that weren’t immediately available. However, as time passed, it became obvious that Datto was a winning solution, and Paradeon became Datto UK.

However, Aberdeen wasn’t the most useful place for a vendor’s UK headquarters, so a move ‘down South’ was proposed. Reading in Berkshire was an obvious choice. It’s already home to many prominent industry players like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and Symantec. It’s also in close proximity to the capital.

Three of our current staff moved with him: Russell McNally (Dev), Will West (Technical Support Manager) and Jess Wesley (Technical Support). Wesley had only been working at Datto for two weeks when the move took place - that’s a leap of faith. One member of the team, Rob Jones, stayed behind but continued to work for Datto remotely, which is why we have an Aberdeen office to this day.

We’ve moved office spaces four times since then - we just kept growing! In 2013, Datto UK became Datto EMEA, as we made a strategic decision to start selling to the rest of the region.

Over the last four years, Datto EMEA has grown exponentially, and we now have over fifty staff members across seven departments. Datto EMEA now has almost every business function, while still without an  in-house legal team, the times are definitely changing!

We have a fully fledged Sales and Marketing team, including Lead Generation and Partner Success. Rather like the US teams, Datto EMEA splits its Sales teams into territories of Southeast England, Southwest England, Wales & North England, and Ireland & Scotland. However, as we’re quite a lot smaller, we only have two Account Managers handling each region! We also have two dedicated Hunters, along with Hardware Operations,  Software Engineering, Tech Support, Human Resources and, of course, Finance teams.

250 Longwater Avenue


On the 2nd of May, Datto moved to its seventh UK home. We have an office on a beautifully purpose-built office park called Green Park, which is also a Nature Reserve. Datto now has an entire top floor of a building and plans to eventually expand to all three floors.

Like many modern offices, Datto is well equipped. We have

  • 144 staff desks
  • 12 meeting rooms
  • A partner briefing center, including demo suite
  • A reception desk
  • A kitchen

But what makes us particularly great is ou

  • 51 televisions
  • 6 game consoles (including a SNES)
  • 38 nerf guns….
  • ….And an indeterminate number of bullets
  • A ping pong table
  • A pool table
  • A pub, the ‘Blue Ram’
  • A cafe, the ‘Tasty Tattie’
  • A Beer Garden

Check out some pictures below!

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