A Look at Datto University

February 1, 2019

A Look at Datto University

By: Sheina Amparo

Datto University is Datto’s new hire orientation that teaches new employees about the company, the culture, the technology, and the business. Participants get a chance to hear from our CEO, executives, and partners, travel to our Hardware & Logistics facility in Monroe, CT, participate in a Disaster Demo, and get to know each other in three action-packed days. Datto makes sure that all new hires experience Datto University at our headquarters in Norwalk, no matter what office location is their home base.

While its hard to put the experience into words, some of our recent graduates tried! Here’s what they had to say:

“Datto U is a real asset for our company. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about our products and how to get things done at Datto all in one place. It was also great to get to know my “Datto U Class” and keep in touch with them as I travel to different offices.”  Chris McCloskey, Chief Experience Officer

“Starting a new job is often listed as one of the top stressful moments in a person’s life.  My experience at Datto U took all of that stress away. In 3 short days, the fantastic instructors provided tremendous insight into the entire product suite, and most importantly they were able to demonstrate the true culture of Datto. It is one thing to hear the word culture, but it is completely different to see it living and breathing in every interaction you observe. Everyone in our class felt comfortable engaging the instructors, asking questions of the guest lecturers and being themselves throughout the three days. Kudos to the team for the fantastic work they do to ensure every day in Datto U is a true representation of the company!!!”  Kevin Leonard, Director of Technical Support

“Datto U was a great experience for my first three days with the company! Walking in on Day 1 and feeling welcomed from the minute you walked in the door was a wonderful way to start training. During the time we spent at Datto U, we learned about how Datto came to be, had a brief overview of the products as a whole, and had a chance to meet and bond with people that were not only in our department and location but with people that are working for Datto in locations and positions all around the world. I have never felt this welcomed when starting to work for a new company, and I can't wait to see where my journey with Datto takes me!” Rachel Sucese, Product Support Expert

Are you interested in experiencing Datto U for yourself? Check out our available opportunities here