A First-Hand Look At An ASCII Summit

October 24, 2016

A First-Hand Look At An ASCII Summit

By: Josh Lockheed

Josh Lockheed is a Technical Support Expert at Datto. He recently traveled to an ASCII summit to represent Datto. 

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Columbus, Ohio for the ASCII summit to represent the Datto support team. This was an incredible experience to interact with other attendees and exhibitors, as well as some Datto partners. It was nice to hear them consistently note that Datto was at the top of their list in more ways than one. “It just works” was the description many partners gave when asked what they like most about the solution.

While we had to sweat it out assembling Datto’s monster of a booth, I was impressed by its size and sophistication. It seemed to stand out among the others as a focal point for the room. I was equally impressed by the teamwork showed by the other Datto employees while putting the booth together. Everyone cooperated to figure out how the booth came together and in the end built an impressive display.

Although I have seen Rob present at conferences before, I was once again amazed by his stage presence and ability to engage the crowd. Rob explained how Datto helps our partners deliver a solution that will provide a benefit to their clients and how working with Datto’s sales team can push the needle and help acquire new clients.

After Rob’s presentation, it was time for the Datto team to engage with attendees on the exhibition floor. We spoke about their familiarity with Datto, Rob’s presentation and enlightened them on all the great things we do for our partners.

Eventually, it was time for the coveted awards ceremony, where attendees had an opportunity to vote for vendors in a number of different categories, ranging from ‘best in show’ to ‘best revenue generation.’ This is the part where Rob gets really excited about because it not only proves that what we are doing works, but it provides visibility to Datto and the amazing things we do to engage the channel community. I’m happy to say that Datto walked away from the awards ceremony with four awards: Best in Show, Best Keynote Presentation, Best Storage Solution and Best Partner Involvement. The entire Datto team had a chance to get up on stage to accept the award, and it felt great seeing the love and support showed by the group.

Having spent nearly three days on the road for the Datto team, I’ve been reminded about how hard our business development team works to promote Datto. Representing Datto on the road is more than just a fun time, it re-enforces the fact that what we do here is important to those we serve and that without us Datto would not be the amazing thing that it has become.