A Datto Employee's Path To The Olympics

April 20, 2016

A Datto Employee's Path To The Olympics

By: Chris Brunau

Not every tech job offers the flexibility to work full time while training for the Olympics.

Luckily for Nick Guarino, Technical Support Expert at Datto offers that and more. “Datto allows me a better chance to train than many other jobs would,” he said. “Whether it’s the benefits or flexibility, the previous companies I worked for don’t come close to Datto.”

Nick has been running since he was a young kid. More recently, at the State University of New York At Fredonia, Nick earned a degree in Computer Information Systems and History while he pursued his track career, all the way to a Division III National Championship.

“One of the things I love about running is that anyone can do it,” Nick said.

Although anyone can run, not everyone can compete at the elite level Nick has thrived in. Of course, that includes finding a proper balance between work and training. For Nick, it comes down to time management, a skill he learned while competing in college. While training may not be as convenient as it was in college, Nick says Datto makes it much easier than it was with his previous employers.

On top of the flexibility Datto offers, Nick also cites his work family as a huge source of support and encouragement. The entire Rochester office knows Nick’s story, and his manager, Jason Elston, refers to him as the residential runner in Rochester.

Nick is hoping to qualify for 800 and 1500 the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Nick splits his training into three macrocycles. From late summer through Fall, Nick focuses on endurance training to build a strong base for track season. Late Fall to early Winter consists of the indoor season, concluding with the Portland Indoor Championships. From now until July, Nick will increase his training and attempt to qualify for the Olympics Trials at The University of Oregon.

“Running in the Olympics has been one of my big dreams forever,” he said.