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Spinpanel Autotask Billing Connector

Why Spinpanel?
Spinpanel is a Microsoft enablement platform that makes the lives of Microsoft Partners easier through automation and helps provide added value to end-customers with features such as self-service licensing, detailed Azure reporting, and price management. One of the ways in which Spinpanel helps Microsoft Partners is by offering a billing connector integration with Autotask.

How does it work?
In short: Spinpanel manages recurring service contracts in Autotask by updating services and charges against the contract with the correct usage retrieved from Office 365, Azure or custom cloud services.
During setup a link is created between your Autotask ID and Spinpanel. We then allow you to map subscriptions directly to Autotask contracts. This means that if there are fluctuations in subscription quantities, these changes are automatically pushed to Autotask. We also allow you to push Azure usage costs to a contract. You can decide for yourself if you’d like to summarize this into one line item, and for example give customers access to Spinpanel Azure reports to investigate usage in more detail, or if you would like to list everything on the invoice.

Integration features and benefits
• Manage Office 365, Azure, or custom cloud service usage in new and existing recurring service contracts
• Automated creation of recurring service contracts
• Customize pricing for Office 365, Azure, and custom cloud services per customer or recurring service contract

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