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Autotask – Slackbot Template​

SLINGR is a low-code application development platform. With SLINGR, a developer with good domain modeling and javascript skills can build powerful workflows, integrate with other services, and achieve fine-grained automation across multiple cloud solutions.

The SLINGR development platform features three open-source endpoints:

1. Autotask

2. Autotask Per-User

3. Autotask Endpoint Management

These endpoints allow for bi-directional exchange of data between SLINGR applications and Autotask, making SLINGR the central integration hub for companies who use it.

In addition, the platform features a template application that integrates Slack with Autotask. Developers can take this template and make the adjustments that work the best for their business.

Available worldwide.

Sales/Support: Grace Schroeder grace@slingr.io