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Recursyv | Autotask to ServiceNow

Autotask – Service Desk Integration

Recursyv is is an application integration service that makes it easy to connect different software applications. New integrations can be quickly set up using Recursyv’s growing library of application connectors (including Autotask, PSA and RMM). Foundation connectors (SOAP, RESTful) are available to integrate with bespoke applications, either in the cloud or on-premise.

Connect Autotask to ServiceNow using this templated Recursyv integration. The integration allows you to synchronise Autotask & ServiceNow Accounts, Tickets, Requests, Notes and Attachments.

The scope can be easily extended to include additional data types, UDFs, list values and mappings.

Keep customer management data in sync using Recursyv to ensure that service teams are aligned when speaking with clients.

Available globally. It can be deployed into any Azure region ensuring the ability to meet local data protection requirements. Support & setup information is available in English.

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