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Roar’s automated document platform along with Autotask integration enables MSPs to rapidly on-board customers, and gain valuable insights on day one. The integration starts with importing and mapping Autotask accounts, and as each account is added, customer web domains and TLS/SSL certificates are auto-discovered. The results will allow Autotask partner’s to immediately leverage Roar, while determining which of the dozens of additional Roar system Inspectors will be deployed over time. With Roar, system configurations are assessed continuously and provide valuable insight on users, expiration dates, misconfiguration and more. As issues are discovered, tickets are generated into Autotask enabling issues to be addressed before they become larger problems.

Discover. – Reveal deep configuration data of cloud, network, and on-premises systems in a dashboard with visibility across all customer environments.

Document. – Convert error-prone manual system documentation into an accurate, automated process that is always up-to-date and stored chronologically for review.

Assess. – Actively protect your clients with notifications for critical change alerts when configuration controls drift due to changes by MSP staff, customers, or potential intruders.

Detect. – Drive revenue through actionable and detailed prescriptive actions, based on vendor best practices, that help to secure customer environments.

  • Quickly import and relate Autotask accounts with Roar
  • Gain instant insight, track domains and TLS/SSL certs on imported accounts
  • Automatically generate Autotask tickets

Available worldwide in English

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