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Lifecycle Insights

Lifecycle Insights provides vCIOs instant QBR reporting to help maximize profit and impact for the MSP and their clients. With a focus on data quality, Lifecycle Insights provides time saving data reports and insights on asset warranty (including warranty lookups) and lifecycle management, user lists, contracts and budget forecasts. Its business review scheduler allows for easy management and tracking. And its highly flexible assessment tool lets the MSP drive strategy and profits around risk assessments, stack alignment and customer health. Reporting across all clients gives the MSP a clear look at opportunity.

Lifecycle Insights pulls client, contact and asset configuration data directly from Datto Autotask PSA. By feeding make, model and serial number into the platform, Lifecycle Insights is able to color-code asset lists and budget reporting for quick quality QBR reporting. Lifecycle Insights is also the only QBR tool to report on the data quality so that MSPs know what work needs to be done to maximize their business review as a sales and customer success tool.

  • Pull client/account data into the platform
  • Pull configurations for asset insights (including EOL and warranty)
  • Allow for customization of asset categories to flow into reporting
  • Write-back (if desired) warranty and purchase date data
  • Aggregate Autotask data to produce budget forecasts based on client policies
  • Analyze user data from contacts and optionally compare to Microsoft 365 data

Available worldwide in English.