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CloudRadial is a client and ticketing portal that has been expanded with account management features to increase MSP profits, streamline efficiency and provide the next generation of IT experience. From a single pane of glass view, CloudRadial shows an MSP the easiest way to differentiate their Office 365 offering, the quickest way to improve account management, the simplest way to improve customer service and the best way to increase revenues.

Integration Features

The Autotask integration consolidates the API-based integration for:

  • Viewing and searching support tickets
  • Submitting tickets with detailed queue and ticket settings
  • Viewing invoices
  • Implementing ticket workflows

Into the client and ticketing portal features of CloudRadial’s single pane of glass view which includes the following features:

  • Full service catalog display
  • Ticketing and user support
  • Customized ticketing forms
  • Backup reporting
  • Equipment age reporting
  • Warranty reporting
  • Office 365 adoption reporting
  • Security breach reporting
  • Autotask reporting
  • Email report archive for vendor notices, 365 alerts and RMM reporting
  • Invoice management
  • Business & Compliance policies
  • User Training (content & courses)
  • CSAT
  • More – wrapped in a powerful “Intranet” portal that customers use daily

Product Updates:

Available worldwide in English