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RoutIT to Autotask – billing integration

ApplicationLink was founded in 2014, we operate from 2 locations in the Netherlands (Schiedam and Breda) and we are providing solutions to partners across the world.

What is one of our goals? To help your business to become more profitable.

How? By automating tedious processes, increasing efficiency, eliminating manual mistakes and saving valuable time.

Therefore our slogan is: Integrate > Automate > Profit!

ApplicationLink has developed a sophisticated platform (the ApplicationLink Cloud Middleware Solution) on which we provide a broad spectrum of integrations by connecting tools/applications.

We have developed an integration between Autotask and RoutIT. This solution consists of 2 parts:

  • RoutIT – VoIP and mobile charges

This enables the user to quickly read the charges downloaded from the RoutIT Billing Portal, bind them to Autotask customers/contracts and post them towards the selected Autotask contract

  • RoutIT term invoice (monthly)

RoutIT’s monthly invoice in IRMA is a breakdown of all purchased services, changes on services, one-off charges, etc.

Bind them to Autotask customers, contracts and services for automatic comparison. This will allow you to see at a glance where there are differences regarding service quantity and unit cost between RoutIT and Autotask.

  • Making manual changes in Autotask on contract services or charges belongs to the past
  • Get a clear overview of every RoutIT service you are buying
  • Automatic comparison with the corresponding data in Autotask
  • Absolute freedom to post changes towards Autotask or not
  • Easily post usage charges onto Autotask contracts

Available worldwide in English, but possibly restricted to where connected solutions are available.




Phone: 0031-(0)88 78 78 010