Data Integrity Services, Inc. Ramps Up Cloud and Security Services With Datto

Data Integrity Services, Inc. is a Florida-based managed service provider (MSP) with a strong focus on cybersecurity and cloud services. The company was founded by Sam Heard in 1997 with the goal of developing an IT consulting firm that places clients’ needs first. Since its inception 26 years ago, Data Integrity Services has grown from a startup to a successful company with 14 full-time employees. The MSP has been adorned with the coveted Sophos North American Partner of the Year award four times, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence.

While most of Data Integrity Services’ clients are based in Florida, they have expanded to supporting clients across the United States. The company offers a complete suite of IT solutions as well as a la carte services depending on clients’ needs. They plan to grow their client base and be the one-stop shop for all things IT. Data Integrity Services leverages Datto BCDR, Datto RMM, Datto SaaS Protection, Autotask and other advanced solutions to offer top-notch IT services.

Company: Data Integrity Services, Inc.
Industry: MSP
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Established: 1997
Interviewed: Joshua Heard, Vice President Operations

“When the Datto BCDR solution came out, it was a game changer. We slept better due to Datto’s proprietary technology.”

Joshua Heard

Vice President Operations, Data Integrity Services, Inc.

The Challenge

When Microsoft published CVE-2023-23397 (a Microsoft Outlook vulnerability) in March 2023, Data Integrity Services was concerned about Microsoft Office’s patch status on their managed devices. They utilized Datto RMM’s Software Management feature and Patch Policies to ensure their clients’ devices were protected from this vulnerability.

“Manual discovery and remediation to address this vulnerability would not have been practical at this scale without Datto RMM,” Josh recalls.

In another incident, they noticed a vulnerability in one of their clients’ HP switches. The Data Integrity Services team got the alert and immediately started probing things. They found that several HP switches needed to be patched.

“My problem with Datto SaaS Protection is it just works. It’s super easy.”

Joshua Heard

Vice President Operations, Data Integrity Services, Inc.

The Solution

Data Integrity Services used Datto RMM’s Software Management feature to audit the patching status of Microsoft Office on their managed devices. They found that several devices were not up to date with the latest security patches. They then deployed the necessary patches to these devices, mitigating the risk of managed devices being compromised by the CVE-2023-23397 vulnerability.

Data Integrity Services also leveraged Datto RMM to patch their client’s vulnerable HP switches. They were able to identify all of the switches that needed to be patched and applied the patch quickly before any damage was done. Multiple levels of patching needed to happen. With Datto RMM, the Data Integrity Services team was able to address all of them within an hour without the client even knowing the vulnerability existed. “What we love the most about Datto products are the integrations between RMM and PSA,” says Josh.

“A great way to describe our partnership with Datto is friendship. They truly do care about you and listen to you. They make sure they meet your needs. Apart from the many reasons I would recommend Datto, the key reason is the partnership, in addition to their extensive portfolio and the simplicity of their solutions.”

Joshua Heard

Vice President Operations, Data Integrity Services, Inc.

Other Benefits

Datto BCDR has been an essential part of Data Integrity Services’ business continuity strategy. They have used it to successfully restore data from a variety of incidents, including a full bare metal restore for a law office whose server had crashed and needed to be replaced. They have also used it to successfully host a live EMR database for a medical client whose application vendor had deleted years’ worth of data accidentally. Most recently, they have used it to assist with the full recovery of a large QuickBooks database that had become corrupted.

“Datto BCDR is reliable; it works. There has yet to be a time that it has failed us. We have clients call us where Exchange servers have bit the dust and where hardware has gone bad, but the cloud backups have always made it easy to recover data and save their business from downtime,” notes Josh.

Datto also empowers MSPs like Data Integrity Services to offer co-managed IT services. Datto enables companies to grow not only by going directly to clients but also by going through the co-managed route.

As Josh notes, “We love that we can resell Datto solutions. They provided us with training and certifications. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we couldn’t resell them.”

Data Integrity Services also leverages Datto SaaS Protection to safeguard their clients’ emails and files in Microsoft 365. They currently manage close to 3,000 SaaS users with Datto’s comprehensive backup and recovery solution.

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