GENISIS Conversion Tool


Datto GENISIS 2 is a revolutionary tool that allows users to convert existing hardware into Datto SIRIS 2 appliances. A single GENISIS 2 USB stick will convert a wide array of third-party BDR devices and other hardware into appliances featuring the same award­-winning software that runs on Datto SIRIS 2 devices.

Lightning-Fast Conversions

Simply insert the GENISIS 2 USB stick in your existing hardware, and a simple, intuitive interface will guide you through the conversion process. In as little as 10 minutes, your hardware can be ready to register and start taking backups with Datto’s unique ShadowSnap agent and Inverse Chain Technology.

Instant Revenue

GENISIS 2 takes a legacy BDR or other machine currently delivering limited functionality and turns it into the kind of robust business continuity solution that will generate reliable monthly recurring revenue. Screenshot Verification of backups and both on­ and off­site virtualization are just a few of the capabilities that make converting your hardware with GENISIS 2 a smart move.

More Valuable Than Ever

GENISIS 2 comes with a host of improvements, including improved hardware compatibility, easier network configuration, and updated core software to guarantee you get the same stellar user experience as if you’d purchased new SIRIS 2 hardware from Datto. Plus, every USB stick comes completely free of provisioning restrictions so you can ­use it as many times on as many machines as you want.

Complete SIRIS Functionality

Once you’ve converted hardware with GENISIS 2 and log in for the first time, you’ll get precisely the same features and benefits as a SIRIS user with Datto hardware. These include Datto’s proven Inverse Chain Technology, Screenshot Backup Verification, Backup Insights and Hybrid Cloud Technology.

GENISIS 2 Product Shot