With “DB Errors” The Doctor Was Out … Almost

What if… Your client is a busy doctor’s office with little tolerance for downtime; time is money!

Meeting HIPAA compliance regulations are a day-to-day IT priority?

The call you dread is right around the corner… “the system is corrupted.”

NO business has any business being down!

For a busy doctor’s office, in fact the only dentist in the city of Prescott, Ariz., it can mean $10,000 a day in lost production. That’s not healthy for business.

The day started off like most at the busy doctor’s office. However, late in the day on this particular Wednesday, “no one could get into the system,” said Jordan Hetrick, owner of managed service provider PK Tech. Jordan and his team manage all IT services for the office. When an administrator from the doctor’s office called Jordan and asked, “Do we have backups? We’re getting “DB errors.” He knew trouble was brewing. Or was it?

A business’ IT system being hit with malware or experiencing a software glitch is fairly common. It’s one reason why managed service provider PK Tech requires their business customers to implement a comprehensive data protection solution that will “protect your data, network and systems” and enable “fast recovery”. And for medical- related clients, meeting HIPAA compliance requirements, including end-to-end encryption and willing to sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) is a must.

PK Tech had just recently installed a comprehensive total data protection solution with the dentist, prior to this disruption. They installed Datto SIRIS. With the Datto in place, and given the potential for major financial loss and strict compliance regulations, Jordan and his team migrated the office from a tape solution. According to Jordan, the doctor’s office had been using tape for their off-site backups and a simple USB for local backups. This gave them data retention of less than one month and no guarantee of valid backups and no opportunity to continue business operations in case of a system disruption—just like the one they now found themselves in the middle of.

With a potential loss of $10,000 a day, the peace of mind of having the right backup, recovery and business continuity solution in place is invaluable.

With the Datto, however, PK Tech runs a DR (disaster recovery) checklist with each of its customers, as part of their weekly service. The checklist for the doctor’s office included verifying the automated hourly backups and redundant backups in Datto’s secure cloud. More importantly, it meant that Jordan’s team was ready to assess the problem and get the office up and running with minimal disruption. As soon as PK Tech became aware of the corruption to their customer’s system they went back each hour, to before the system became corrupted.

The team then spun up the local server to the Datto cloud. This enabled the doctor’s office to keep the business running; book appointments, see patients, and bill, as if nothing happened. With a potential loss of $10,000 a day, the peace of mind of having the right backup, recovery and business continuity solution in place is invaluable.

How will you respond when your customer calls with “the system’s down”?

About PK Tech PK Tech is a trusted IT solutions partner for small to medium-size businesses in the Phoenix, Ariz. area. Its expertise ranges from overall IT support, network solutions, cloud services, data backup, and business continuity. Learn more at pktech.net.

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