Easy to Use, Easy to Sell

Datto delivers a uniform solution that is easy to sell to our customers. Jay Strickland, CEO of WingSwept

WingSwept is an IT consulting company based in Garner, North Carolina. WingSwept has a developed a loyal customer base, in part from providing full-service support and customized, secure solutions. Its current CEO Jay Strickland founded WingSwept in 2000.

In Jay‘s search for a new backup, disaster recovery (BDR) and business continuity solution he had very specific needs, including; must offer both local and off-site virtualization for intelligent business continuity, screenshot verification, multiple data centers in case of regional disaster, a uniform solution that can be applied to all WingSwept’s managed services customers, and a simple pricing structure. Datto SIRIS met all the requirements.

One of WingSwept’s many valued customers is in the construction industry. WingSwept had recently gained this customer and wanted to ensure a successful relationship. Soon after the relationship started the construction company experienced two server failures that involved time intensive restorations, and revenue-draining downtime. Following the server failures, and company downtime, WingSwept was easily able to sell Datto SIRIS to the company. Soon after Datto SIRIS was installed, the company experienced yet a third server crash (within three days of the replacement’s installation!). But with Datto SIRIS in place, WingSwept could virtualize the server locally, restore the server, and keep the construction company working.

In the construction business it’s imperative to have access to orders, client information, plans, billing, regulations, contractors, suppliers, and much more. Not having access to their data could easily affect the bottom line.

With Datto SIRIS, the client trusts WingSwept with its technology solutions, knowing they will keep them up and running. A construction company certainly knows that an infrastructure is no good if it’s not secure and operational.

It’s important to their customers that WingSwept is on top of the latest technologies and solutions. As such, they take advantage of many learning opportunities throughout the year, and learned about Datto by attending a Datto presentation at an industry event. Learning about, and implementing Datto, helped solidify this important client relationship for WingSwept.

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