We Wanted Better Backup and Recovery … and We Got It!

DLC is a consultative technology firm with expertise in healthcare and business technologies serving enterprises in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Darren Crane founded DLC in 2005 to provide best in class IT solutions and support for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB).

What separates DLC from other IT Services firms are both its people and how it tackles its clients business and technology needs. While servicing SMBs, DLC takes an “enterprise-class-IT” approach. This means, in part, that they must find the most robust solutions available for their clients.

Datto SIRIS backup… the best thing since sliced bread. Darren Crane, Found and President of DLC Technology Solutions, Inc.

DLC’s search for a robust, scalable backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution took longer than expected. In fact, they even tried to assemble their own BDR solution – which they readily admit was not the way to go. The backup swaps didn’t happen. The media was rarely taken off-site; so in the event of a physical disaster the data would be lost forever. Even if the media did make it off-site in the event of a local disaster, the recovery time is too long and process is too complex.

Build your own backup solutions are laden with risks; including, human error, hidden costs, physical loss if the backup was local, and lengthy recovery time if backup was off-site. According to Darren, “it [was] a mess, and the recovery could take days, depending on a number of factors.”

Their search eventually brought them to Datto SIRIS. DLC had found the BDR solution that met their high “best in class” standards. Darren is quick to point out that “Datto SIRIS combines the best in backup software with a custom built hardware device, and a nationwide network of data centers to create a completely self-contained, fully integrated backup and disaster recovery solution.” Also key in the equation is that Datto SIRIS works with Macs and Windows, servers, desktops, and NAS devices. And most important for DLC and their clients, “the backups are extremely fast and can occur as often as every 15 minutes!” No doubt much faster than their one client with Mozy installed; when they experienced failure it took them “72 hours to download the data.”

The DLC team is also impressed with the fact that “for disaster recovery, the [Datto] SIRIS solution has the unique ability to actually become your file server! When your server fails, we literally press a button on the Datto device to virtualize your most recent backup, and boot it on your network. Your users are online in a matter of minutes! In the case of a total disaster (where the server and Datto device were both lost) a call to Datto support is placed, and your server is similarly booted in the cloud! Once we connect various VPN tunnels to the cloud, your users can be up in a matter of hours (or more depending on the complexity of the network setup).”

In addition to delivering enterprise-class performance and scalability, the Datto SIRIS solution is affordable. “DLC has packaged this solution so that there is minimal upfront cost, and then a monthly fee for the entire solution with no contract!”

Darren admits it’s a little ‘chicken and egg’ when it comes to BDR; some clients come to him too late, after disaster has already struck. On the other hand, he has a new Legal client who said, “Disaster recovery is #1 on my list of IT needs,” and having Datto in their offerings helped get DLC the new client.

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