WannaCry? The Global Ransomware Attack Explained

Friday May 12th marked the beginning of WannaCry - in the biggest Ransomware attack EVER - spreading across the globe and encrypting 200K business systems in over 150 countries. The ransomware has impacted organizations far and wide, including Britain's National Health Service, FedEx, Nissan and Deutsche Bahn, causing extreme amounts of downtime.

Watch this informative webinar and learn:

  • Everything you need to know about WannaCry
  • How to prevent and recover from an attack
  • Tips for educating end users
  • And More!

Next Steps...

Be Protected: WannaCry wasn't the first and it won't be the last ransomware of its kind. Stay protected by keeping your systems updated and be sure to have a business continuity solution in place if (or when) Ransomware gets through. Learn top tips for protecting yourself from Ransomware in our Business Guide to Ransomware. Download Here.

Start a Conversation: If you're an MSP, now is the time to talk to your customers about the dangers of Ransomware. Hit the phones, update your newsletter, knock on doors! Do whatever it takes to get the word out to your clients before its too late.

If you're already Datto Partner, we have a new WannaCry campaign ready to go in MarketNow that you can use to reach out to your clients today.

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