What's New in Datto RMM - July 2019

Michael Bienvenue, Product Marketing Manager, RMM, presents an overview and demonstration of the exciting announcements for Datto RMM delivered at DattoCon19 in San Diego.

Highlights include:

  • Introduction of Datto RMM New UI - Launch of new User Interface to roll out (in phases) across the entire platform, starting User Configurable Dashboards and Device Summary Pages and introducing a new Dark Mode.
  • HTML5 Remote Control - Newly built and lightning fast Remote Control technology using HTML5, supporting technicians using any type of device or operating system.
  • Suggestions Engine - To help new and existing users achieve a better understanding of how to use the platform and configure its powerful capabilities without leaving the interface.
  • Datto Networking Integration - New native integration to manage and monitor all Datto Networking devices from within Datto RMM. Coming Summer 2019.