Tips & Tricks: Building Your Wireless Network for Optimal WiFi Experience

Are you just getting started with Datto Network Manager, or looking for a way to optimize your current experience? Datto product experts came together for a webinar to help answer these questions for partners. Watch as Senior Solutions Engineer, Andy Katz leads a discussion on proper WiFi planning and the tools needed to set yourself up for WiFi success. 

During this event, we discuss:

  • Why getting WiFi “Right” is so challenging (and what MSPs can to do about it)
  • Free and low-cost tools to properly plan and deploy WiFi
  • How to design wireless networks for the most critical devices
  • WiFi myths: why data rate doesn’t equal throughput and why turning up the radio may actually be degrading your wifi
  • How to use the site survey feature in Datto Network Manager to improve the Wifi experience and increase security