Time is running out to try Datto RMM’s Ransomware Detection

Log into Datto RMM, and navigate to the Ransomware Detection Licenses self-service page. Then:

  1. Click "Enable Ransomware Detection" to add licenses. Licenses are consumed whenever a suitable device (a supported Windows Workstation or Server) is monitored for ransomware.
  2. Add the Ransomware Detection monitor to one or more of your monitoring policies.
  3. On February 1, 2022, if you have not agreed to purchase the additional Ransomware Detection licenses, we will roll back those additions to ensure your bill does not change.

Detect and Isolate Ransomware
An additional layer to your security stack.

Built top-down around security, Datto’s RMM Ransomware Detection is an additional layer within your security stack. It not only detects when Ransomware is present but works to isolate and stop it from spreading in your network. 

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Industry-Leading Features Built for the MSP
Datto RMM has a monthly release cadence to improve the solution constantly.

Automated Patching
Automate policy-based patches to keep clients secure. 

Ransomware Detection
Get alerts at the first detection of crypto-ransomware and automatically isolate impacted devices. 

Gain Network Visibility
Manage client networks by discovering and identifying every device on the network–managed or not. 

Rapid Remote Support
Snap into action with a single click to initiate remote support options.

Managed Security Services Provider Ceeva quantify the benefits of RMM Ransomware Detection


Third-party Validated Native Ransomware DetectionDatto commissioned MRG Effitas, a world-leading, independent IT security efficacy testing and assurance company trusted by anti-malware vendors across the world, to evaluate RMM Ransomware Detection and compare it to leading AV tools offering similar capabilities.

MSPs Entrust Datto’s Ransomware Detection 
Detect and isolate ransomware with an additional layer protecting networks that sits alongside existing AV and EDR tools

6000 partners
Onboarded with intuitive automated process

1.2M endpoints
Entrusted with Datto’s Ransomware Detection

Detection and Response
Monitor endpoint and network events, provide alerts, forensics, and potential remediation

Monitoring at scale
Powerful policy-driven approach quickly and consistently configure to monitor for ransomware.

See What Our Partners Are Saying

"If we didn’t have a ransomware recovery solution like Datto in place, I honestly don’t know where the business would be. The cyber attack hit the very core of what we do in the services we provide."
Information Systems Manager, CTI
“When a client was infected with ransomware that encrypted and locked their files, there was no need to panic. Without Datto, the amount of data loss and downtime in cases like this would be cripling.”
Robert Marsden
Managing Director, Addictive Technology

” The implementation was seamless. We were able to deploy over 4000 endpoints in one day.”
Credit Name: Richard Thompson
Position: Sales Director
Company: Central Technology

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