The Move to Datto Was Easy

Founded in 2000, Bardissi Enterprises started as the computer and network technology solutions company with a primary concentration on network based installation, setup, and support. Evolving with the market, today Bardissi specializes in providing managed service and support along with solutions and up to date products that are customer friendly and economical.

Screenshotting is a great feature… there is nothing better than having [customers] see [proof] with their own eyes.
-George El Bardissi President, Bardissi Enterprises, LLC

In their goal to be a full-service MSP Bardissi needed to find a new backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution that was robust, easy-to-use and affordable. What prompted their search for a new BDR? Axcient lost all their data. As George notes, the scenario is “lucky” only in that it happened to him and not one of his clients. However, data loss is data loss, and it’s unacceptable for anyone. Bardissi was using Axcient to back up their internal systems. The physical machine went down and Bardissi fired up the virtual backup copy of their server on the Axcient appliance. Then, it crashed. And, as it turned out, Axcient does not back up the virtual machines while running on their appliances. Bardissi Enterprises lost everything. Only after shipping the appliance to a third party disaster recovery vendor did they get their data back, for $10,000.

Axcient was no longer Bardissi’s BDR vendor, for them or their clients. The move to Datto was made easy, as it delivered many of the benefits that was missing in their previous BDR solution:

  • Scalable, small to medium-sized businesses
  • Ability to prove backups were valid, with screenshots
  • Can accurately monitor all backup devices in the field
  • Able to prove data is secure, whether local or off-site
  • Able to prevent major periods of downtime in the event of a failure
  • 100% US-based development, sales, and tech support
  • Affordability

Bardissi is working to make sure all their managed customers have a Datto solution in place for backup, “to know that customer data is not in jeopardy with issues like tape backup or failed external drives or simply recovering from a failure.” George sums up what Datto likes to hear best from its Partners, “[Datto] will continue to improve our efficiency as an organization and help bolster our relationships with our customers.” Call Datto today, to get started on improving your customer relationships by delivering peace of mind with intelligent business continuity.

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