Profiting from the Microsoft Cloud Transformation Opportunity with CSP Boss from Autotask

The SMB and enterprise move to the cloud is resulting in record breaking adoption rates of Microsoft Office 365. Technology Service Providers who secure the best margins, automate service delivery and provide the best customer lifetime value to their clients stand to achieve the largest revenues from this multi-billion dollar opportunity.

Join us for thought provoking discussion about the unprecedented cloud adoption climate and the technology you need to maximize margins. 

Review this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The current Microsoft cloud technology opportunity and how to simplify and automate product provisioning, billing and service delivery
  • How to win using a 20% higher-revenue direct reseller model with Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program (and how to get there easily if you aren’t direct today)
  • Value adds including client adoption and self-help tools that give you a competitive advantage and maximize client retention