The Case For Modernizing Your Data Protection Strategy

Cyberattacks are on the rise—and so are temperatures, which can increase the risk of natural disasters. Get the scoop on these and other challenges to your data protection strategies.

The modern era is a time of constant change and challenge for IT professionals:

  • Everyone expects uninterrupted access to data, no matter what.
  • E-commerce and social media create landslides of new data that must be housed, analyzed and, in some cases, protected.
  • Storage requirements are doubling at regular intervals.
  • Virtualization technologies help streamline management and cut costs, but they also put an organization’s technological assets all in one place so they’re more vulnerable to disaster and outage.
  • Ever-increasing compliance regulations require organizations to constantly ratchet up privacy and security parameters or face stiff fines.

There’s never been a more compelling case to modernize your data protection strategy. Read on to learn more about the biggest threats to data in 2014, and consider how your current data protection strategy addresses them.