Our Clients See More Value in Us, with Datto

We are a very loyal company – once we find something that works, we want to stick with it. …We’re not going anywhere. Pete Robbins, Founder of Strata IT

Strata IT was founded in 2007 by Pete Robbins and Keith Stark and is located in Encino, CA. With over with 18 years of Windows systems and Internet development experience, Strata IT offers clients a complete range of services that enables them to work more effectively and efficiently, making them more profitable. Strata IT’s goal is to keep their clients’ systems operational and available so they can focus their efforts on the demands of growing their own businesses. Strata IT also has extensive Linux Server experience and is RHCE certified. Currently they support 60 Linux servers in Southern California, Colorado, Maryland and Taiwan.

Their previous backup solution was “too complicated” for a small business environment. They made the decision to investigate new backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions that would better meet their technical and business needs. They found out about Datto a few ways: word of mouth, at conferences, as well as in articles and ads in trade magazines. Strata IT heard about Datto’s award winning Tech Support and the simplicity of the UI and device were outstanding, so he went with Datto directly. Moving to Datto was an easy decision for Strata IT; the device is easy to use and it’s affordable.

Strata IT’s decision to go with Datto has proven over and over to be the right one. Recently they had a client who lost a CAD drawing; using SIRIS Lite they saved the client hundreds of hours of time. Strata IT was able to mount the drive and recover the drawing – all in less than 15 minutes! Another client had a server malfunction; the server was rebooting at random, and they couldn’t get it offline to do the fix. Strata IT got a good data backup on the SIRIS Lite and brought in a VMware server to run the image off of while they brought the other server back to the Strata IT offices to fix. For well over a week their clients’ business was running off of the Datto device. When the server was fixed and brought back to the client’s office, it was easy to restore the data from the Datto device.“[The client] actually said the server was running faster than ever before while on the Datto device!”

Since using Datto, Strata IT has referred other MSPs to Datto’s BDR solutions; they’ve even tweeted about the above-mentioned file recovery experience. Strata IT has had good experiences with Datto’s Tech Support department in receiving quick response to educational questions. Pete said they are a very LOYAL company – once they find something that works, they want to stick with it. “We’re not going anywhere.”

Thanks Pete, Datto’s not going anywhere either.

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