Better Data Recovery Yields Happy Clients

…there is no better and no more affordable [BDR] solution for [SMBs] than Datto. David Streit, Principal of Stephill Associates, LLC

Stephill Associates has been delivering IT infrastructure services to small and medium-sized business services in New Jersey and New York City since 2003. They specialize in data recovery, servers, end user support, troubleshooting, technology advisory and networking.

David Streit, principal with Stephill, had been using Axcient’s BDR solution for his clients. However, he experienced numerous hardware failures, off-site transfers were never up to date, [they] never could virtualize successfully (not once) on three different units at three different sites. After learning about Datto from peers, the move was made to Datto SIRIS. For David, “Happily, [Datto SIRIS] is stable and performs well”. In addition, Datto offers predictable monthly cost due to inclusion of off-site for the entire capacity of the BDR, strong support, [has] a good channel reputation and sells only through channel partners.

Stephill has a Datto SIRIS 1000 at an important client.The client’s webserver is on his mail server; the mail server software got hacked, taking down the webserver, which drives customer appointments through his website. Even worse, the client was in his busy season. He called David for urgent help. David had the client shut off the physical server, and then he remotely virtualized a snapshot from the night before the hack occurred. It came right up, then David adjusted IP settings and operations resumed. Interestingly, performance was better with the virtualized server because the BDR hardware is years newer than the physical server. The client ran on the BDR for several days until the physical server was fixed.

A day later the owner accidentally deleted a crucial letter for a major prospect that he needed to get to the prospect within the hour. David quickly, and remotely mounted an hourly snapshot from the day before at the time the client designated, then went onto his computer remotely through Teamviewer and mapped a drive letter to the shared snapshot on the BDR. The client quickly found his file. David pointed out to him in the space of a week his BDR virtualized his failed webserver and mail server, AND allowed a successful file recovery from the exact date and time he needed—all put into action in minutes and all done remotely. The client admitted his monthly payment was money well spent!

In David’s opinion, “there is no better and no more affordable backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solution for an SMB than a Datto BDR. They make sense for a business with employees who will be idle if they can’t use their computers and for a business subject to losses if they can’t work in busy periods or process high transaction loads. I have three BDR’s at clients and I hope to place many more!”

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