Sales Academy 2020 - Win Big In The Rapidly Changing Normal - Training #3

Join Datto & AudIT for the 3rd training session in a series of 3 bi-weekly sessions called “Sales Academy 2020 - Win Big in the Rapidly Changing Normal.”

In this training we’re going to get tactical and strategic. We will cover the only selling system you’ll ever need. And the best part is it’s super easy for anyone at any level of sales experience to learn and master…. Even beginners.

You don’t need to memorize any sales scripts, crazy tactics or techniques that could make you feel uncomfortable or even sleazy. This system is designed to be fun, easy to use and will feel completely ‘un-sales like’ to you and your prospects.

Here’s a look at what you’ll get in this power packed training:

  • The one thing hard wired into every human that kills many sales and how you can use it to your advantage
  • A simple method that removes all the abstract and technical details out of your presentations making them easy to understand for the most non-technical prospect or client
  • How to arouse curiosity in your prospect and clients that gets them emotionally engaged so they ask YOU questions that lead to the sale
  • How to take them beyond interested to actively involved in your presentation
  • How to put your winning presentation together in under an hour without cobbling technical data into a Word doc or PowerPoint
  • And… how to do all this without competing on price or lowering your standards: Sell the right solution at the right price.