Datto ALTO Isn't Backup. It's Continuity.

Results Technology is a managed IT services company based in Lenexa, KS and serves the greater Kansas City and St. Louis metro areas.  Results Technology has been providing IT solutions for more nearly ten years, with its first three years as a systems integrator.  A key reason for their success is their ability to design, create and implement IT solutions based on customers’ unique business needs, so their clients can see a return on their IT investments.

We ask clients ... “What if you couldn’t function for a day?” - Patrick Murphy, VP Operations, Results Technology

Patrick Murphy is the Vice President of Operations with Results and huge advocate of business continuity solutions.  His sweet spot is finding the right solution for businesses that previously thought they were too small to afford a robust, enterprise-class solution.  Enter Datto ALTO.

Patrick first learned about Datto ALTO at a trade show.  He was experiencing a problem with his previous BDR vendor and decided to give ALTO a try.  “I’ve fallen in love … hook, line and sinker,” he now says of his relationship with Datto ALTO.  From a business standpoint Datto ALTO helps Results get into the smaller markets they previously didn’t have a viable solution for.  Not only that, “it allows us to make margins in small business!”  We currently have ALTOs installed at leasing companies, banks, and accounting firms, including their remote offices.

One scenario where Datto ALTO has opened up new markets is with businesses with multiple locations, a headquarters and smaller, remote offices.  Patrick’s team will set up a larger Datto SIRIS at the headquarters location and send Datto ALTOs to the remote offices.  In some cases, where the remote offices are in a geographically undesirable location, the Datto ALTO is shipped to the end-user directly and they plug it in themselves!  “Clients love it … it’s so easy,” raves Patrick.

Datto solutions have also proved their worth with Results Technology clients in actual disaster scenarios.  The disaster is a combination of equipment failure, human error and Mother Nature.  A client site for a leasing company experienced had a failed air conditioner, which sat on the building’s roof.  The person who replaced the broken air conditioner produced, and left, a hole in the roof.   When the rainstorm arrived later that it night, the room below the hole was flooded.  The room below the hole was the server room.  And, it’s Saturday night. The client immediately called the team at Results Technology, “I think I need a backup.”

The on-call technician from Results called Datto Tech Support at 10pm on Saturday to start the ticket.  The tech was figured he’d hear back from Datto on Monday morning, so he removed the Datto ALTO device from the server room and cleaned up. Well, the Datto Tech Support technician who received the ticket went ahead and virtualized the data to the secure Datto cloud.  The Datto tech then called Results to let them know that the data was secure and IP ready.  Needless to say, the team at Results was pretty pleased.

Thanks to Results and Datto, this leasing company did not lose any proprietary financial and personal data.  There could have been huge repercussions in terms of lost data, replacing the data, lost client confidence, business downtime, and much more.

Datto ALTO proves that small businesses can have access to enterprise-level continuity at a price point that is manageable. And Managed and IT Service Providers can serve this huge, and previously underserved, market with an easy to manage continuity solution that delivers a recurring revenue stream. It’s a win-win.

Learn more about what Datto ALTO can do for your small business clients, and your bottom line.

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