Realize Business Continuity for Your Clients

Like many managed service providers (MSPs), BT Partners is dedicated to delivering the best technology and service to its small to medium-sized business customers. Of growing importance to their business model is the ability to deliver business continuity to their customers, in the event of technical or weather related system failure.

BT Partners’ partnership with Datto has solidified our relationship with our customers…thank you!Keith OnchuckBusiness Technology Partners, LLP

Keith Onchuck of BT Partners and his team had experience with a multitude of backup, data recovery (BDR) solutions prior to Datto’s SIRIS. The problem is, none of them delivered a complete solution with both backup and restoration. On Keith’s decision to go with Datto, “I firmly believe Datto provides the most robust solution in the data protection space…but the real driving force was RESTORATION.” BTP was happy to have SIRIS in place when two of its customers’ Exchange servers recently failed. The first customer experienced disk failure at 10am on a Monday morning. Rather than wait four to six hours for new drives, and having the system down, BTP was able to virtualize the client’s Exchange server on the Datto appliance remotely.

The client was back in business within 15 minutes. BTP then had to decide the best way to replace the failed server. With the failover complete, BTP was able to continue running the client’s server on the Datto cloud until Friday when they scheduled downtime to install the new drives and test the server. Because of SIRIS, the downtime to the customer was only 15 minutes during server installation.

The second customer suffered intermittent lockup, making the problem difficult to troubleshoot. How would BTP determine if the client was experiencing a hardware or software problem without shutting down the entire system? BTP knew they could run the client’s Exchange server on Datto to test the system. After eight hours of operation the system never locked up, proving it was a hardware problem. Once the replacement server was installed, the customer’s data was moved from Datto back to the customer’s site, with data restored.

After putting Datto’s SIRIS to the test, Keith says with full confidence that “the Datto solutions we have in place work!”

And just as Keith’s clients rely on BT Partners to provide both excellent product solutions and service, Keith also relies on Datto for both, “…regardless of who we deal with [at Datto] they are knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely care about our success as a business partner.”

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