RAD Solutions Keep The Lights On With Business Continuity

RAD Solutions, an IT solutions provider, stands by their motto ‘If our partners succeed, we succeed.’ Datto has a similar philosophy which made the partnership with Datto and RAD Solutions an easy fit. Milan Radinovic founded the company nearly 30 years ago and leads the team as CEO.

“That’s where Datto fits into this picture,” began Milan. “We thoroughly reviewed vendors, and Datto’s idea of partnership won us over. Their price structure and tech support designed to aid partners just made sense,” he explained.

With decades of experience in the technology industry, the team at RAD Solutions and their clients have seen it all. Recently, a serious disaster struck one of their clients, prompting RAD Solutions to move them from simple backup to a complete business continuity solution.

Thanks to RAD Solutions and Datto, Waldmann Lighting was able to keep the lights on. To read more, download the success story.

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