You Won’t Lose Sleep with Datto’s Business Continuity

With Datto, backup solutions have become a profit center for us and given us peace of mind that we have never experienced. Hoyt Hagens, Vice President of ProMission Projects, Inc.

ProMission Projects provides managed IT services to their clients, specializing in maximizing client business computing efficiency through the proper application of technology and managed services. ProMission’s doors first opened in the early 1990s, and reorganized in 2002. With its extensive experience, ProMission has worked with an array of backup solutions, including tape drives, hard drives, optical drives, and various forms of scripting and software—but none were deemed acceptable, until Datto SIRIS. Moving to Datto SIRIS made them prepared to handle a growing trend among many of their clients, dealing with the repercussions of old hardware.

In today’s often challenging economic times clients are trying to squeeze as much life out of their hardware as possible; specifically expensive, outdated, end-of-life servers. The problem—in saving money to delay upgrading an important part of a company’s infrastructure, a crash, and unplanned downtime is a likely outcome. As predicted, a client of ProMission’s with an aging server farm experienced a hard crash. Hard drives in the RAID array dropped faster than anticipated, causing the crash.

ProMission is the kind of service provider a client would be lucky to have. Prior to the anticipated server crash they were very clear with the client, “You can put off the hardware replacement, but you must have a backup solution in place that provides immediate return to operation. The only way we can support a delayed purchase is to have a solution in place that will eliminate downtime due to hardware failure and minimize the impact on your 24-hr operation.” The client agreed and a Datto SIRIS appliance was put in place.

With a new, replacement server on route, the original server died … hard. The Datto SIRIS monitoring tools notified ProMission immediately that there was an issue. In a matter of minutes they were able to remotely launch the Datto SIRIS virtualized copy of the server, update the licensing, and keep them running. The replacement server was ready to go with VMware within 30 minutes, the server was dropped into place, and the most up-to-date Datto SIRIS image was moved over with no interruption in production. Hoyt and ProMission know that without Datto SIRIS in place, “such an event would have been a white-knuckle, stomach-churning, sleep-losing proposition. [Because] our manufacturing client did not have an interruption in service, the cost savings to them was easily in the tens of thousands.”

Not only did Datto SIRIS deliver on its technology and service promise to Hoyt and his client, Datto delivers on the business end as well. For Hoyt, “Datto has revolutionized backup solutions in the SMB market. The Datto solution provides Resellers with a very reasonable purchase point, recurring revenue stream, and a greatly simplified backup solution that works.”

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