Stop Dealing with Broken Chain Issues

Simple, quick and not painful at all - well a little pain as I was smiling so hard! With Datto SIRIS, chain issues are solved. Gone. Don Bentz, Co-Founder of Preferred IT Group, LLC

Preferred IT Group, LLC opened their doors in August 2005, founded by Jason Horne and Don Bentz. With over 25 years of experience, Preferred IT Group has been committed to serving businesses in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. They work with organization sizes between 10 and 500 employees helping them utilize technology to maximize productivity, reduce and eliminate downtime, and increase profitability. They provide their clients with support from certified network engineers and consultants - a full 360 degrees of expertise. Preferred IT Group really cares about the success of their partners.

Don Bentz first came upon Datto’s solutions at an HTG (Heartland Technology Group) meeting - he is a member of the HTG 14 group. Later, when looking for a new backup and disaster recovery solution, he learned more about Datto at a ConnectWise Summit where he met Datto CEO, Austin McChord. He was impressed with not only Austin’s technical aptitude, but also his work and customer service ethics. Preferred IT signed on with Datto in 2009. Ever since then it has been a mutually beneficial partnership, with both companies experiencing continued growth. Don loves the Partner Portal for central management, multiple solutions and a CEO who is open-minded and goes above and beyond to personally help in situations.

When there were issues with Preferred IT Groups older BDR devices, the chains could be broken. When this happened they would end up having to basically start over, reseed the local unit and pray they could off-site the new backup quickly OR have to process a round trip drive AGAIN. In Don’s words, “It was painful, more so than going to the dentist.”

Then Datto SIRIS came to the rescue. Chain issues - solved, gone. If a system did a defrag and created a large incremental, Preferred IT could just use Datto SIRIS to delete that particular chain and reclaim space on the BDR. If they needed to virtualize a server due to an outage, they just click mounted and virtualized. Then they just had to change the nic settings and bring that system online. If they wanted to do a quick test and have proof that the backup was good, they just had to leave the nic settings alone and bring it online without touching the local network. Of course they also could rely on the emailed screenshot verifications to confirm the boot itself.

Recently Preferred IT had to quickly restore a couple of files for a client’s web server. They had never done it before. All they had to do was to remote to the server, open the console, and select the date they wanted to restore from. It brought up a view of all of the files, they grabbed what they wanted, copy/pasted and the problem was solved. Datto SIRIS is simple, quick and not painful at all - well a little pain as Don was smiling so hard!

Preferred IT Solutions wants to thank Datto for bringing them into the virtual world.

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