Pediatric Home Services Achieves Total Data Protection

Invenio IT is a managed service provider (MSP) who, across the last 15+ years, has become an IT leader in the New York area. Their presence has become so well-known that it’s not uncommon for them to take on clients in different regions.

Principal and co-founder, Dale Shulmistra, serves as Invenio IT’s business continuity specialist. Shulmistra has become a thought-leader in the business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) space, well-known for frequently publishing his insights on the industry.

Pediatric Home Service (PHS) is one client in particular who came across Invenio IT’s best practice content. Rick Mueller, head of IT services at PHS needed an MSP who could support their 24/7 IT infrastructure. Mueller had also heard about Datto’s powerful solutions and wanted to work with a provider who offered Datto.

Uptime, All the Time

The team at PHS offers home-based health care for children with the goal of giving them the ability to thrive at home with their family and friends, rather than in a hospital. The nurses at PHS work ‘round-the-clock to give children 24/7 diagnostic monitoring. This dedication and service requires that each nurse work on a Google Chromebook in the field and chart health data into electronic medical records. The records live on PHS’ custom-built software.

The PHS team relies on Google Apps data at all times of day; logging in to their Google Apps accounts in the field. The headquarters for PHS is also home to all of their application servers, database servers, and their Citrix environment. For this reason, Mueller needed to work with an MSP who could protect all of their data, no matter where it lived, all of the time.

Offering both 24/7 support and Datto solutions, Invenio IT proved to be the perfect fit. To protect the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data, Shulmistra recommended Datto’s Backupify product. The cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution safeguards all of PHS’ Google Apps data, including the electronic medical records of their patients. PHS also uses Datto’s SIRIS 2 to protect their internal servers.

Improving Internal Operations

To date, PHS has been lucky in that the company has not experienced any massive disruptions to their uptime. They rest easy knowing that all of their data, both cloud and local is being protected and supported 24/7 if an incident was to ever occur.

One additional benefit Mueller did comment on unrelated to business continuity, was PHS’ improved internal operations as a result of implementing Backupify. Mueller explained that previously when employees departed, the process was complicated and time consuming. Each time someone left PHS, all of their data had to be burned to a CD and stored in their human resources file. This was a serious pain point for the administrative staff.

“With Backupify, you can restore data to another user. We use this practice all of the time to give our teams the data they need when employees leave. You can’t forward thousands of emails in bulk, but this tool allows us to restore everything that user had to an appropriate team member in a snap,” explained Mueller.

Backupify’s restore feature made it easier for Mueller to keep teams on task, and saves the administrative staff a lot of time exporting data.

Cloud Savvy and Cloud Conscious

PHS serves as a shining example of a mid-sized company that is conscious of evolving cloud technologies and how the cloud can help their business grow. While the Datto SIRIS protects their local servers, they’ve gone the extra mile to achieve Total Data Protection by safeguarding their SaaS applications. PHS is cloud savvy company, conscious of the fact that just because data lives in a SaaS application, does not mean that it’s being backed up. By using a third-party SaaS backup tool, PHS is protecting their data, everywhere it lives.

To sum up the partnership between Invenio IT and Pediatric Home Service:

“As business continuity specialists, we believe in protecting all data, everywhere it lives. We are ultimately accountable for our clients’ mission critical information and need to be certain there are processes and solutions in place to safeguard their business against downtime. Things will happen, whether it’s a storm, a technology mishap or even a cyberhack- and sometimes, you can’t help that. However, you can be prepared with a business continuity plan. PHS embraces the importance of Total Data Protection, which is why they haven’t had disruptions- and it’s also why we love partnering with them,” said Shulmistra.

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