How to Leverage Your Communication Offering to Stand Out From the Crowd

Technology changes quickly, and managed service providers (MSPs) need to evolve to keep pace. Today, businesses on the lookout for an MSP have much higher expectations than they did just a few short years ago, and a failure to meet these expectations will lead to unprepared MSPs being left behind. In order to remain competitive, it’s crucial for successful MSPs to stand out from the crowd by offering a full suite of services – and today that means adding voice services to your portfolio. 

In this webinar, Jonah Fink, President of net2phone, will be leading a discussion on how offering voice services will impact the MSPs of the future. In this webinar, we’ll be discussing: - The evolving workplace communication needs  - Unified Communications overview & benefits - Why SMBs and enterprises would value these services - The potential return on investment for MSPs - And more!