How Datto Helps Xylotek Stay On Top

When Xylotek Solutions Inc. came across Datto, they knew they found a solution they could trust. The value added reseller (VAR) operating in Ontario, Canada, was experiencing challenges with offsite replication and the limitations with the lack of purpose-built cloud computing. After struggling with their previous solution, Xylotek knew there had to be a better way.

Xylotek works with roughly 200 customers on a weekly basis, anywhere from a few end users to entire cities. “Our work varies client to client. We pride ourselves on being a full-service IT provider for many companies. That includes helpdesk, managed services, cloud-based solutions (hybrid, private, public) and traditional IT solutions,” said Bonnie Chan, Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

“As we grew in the business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) field, our previous solution didn’t evolve with our customers’ changing needs and left a lot to be desired. We wanted a partner that would bridge the gap for what our customers were looking for,” said Chan.

According to Chan, Datto was the first partner to excite their entire team. The Datto technology fills their needs and gives them the option of a full BCDR solution. After deploying Datto only a few times, Xylotek had incredible success with the technology. Datto is now the leading solution for the VAR.

“Deploying the Datto technology is simple. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, specifically with the offsite replication which was always a challenge for us previously. Before Datto, the deployments were rarely without complications. In addition, the variety of Datto devices is incredible, because it allows us to tailor the solutions to fit the individual needs of our customers,” according to Chan.

As Chan says, Datto is a superior all around, giving her customers the comprehensive solution they’re looking for and making her job easier.

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