Ease of Use and Robust Features

Why go through all the hassle when Datto offers a plug and play solution? Manny Mamakas, President and Managing Partner of Greenwire Solutions

Manny Mamakas, President and Managing Partner of Greenwire Solutions, has always taken pride in his ability to offer clients topnotch and dependable service. His company’s reputation as a “trusted client advisor” has certainly helped propel the company’s recent growth.

As with many small to medium-sized businesses, 90% of Greenwire’s clients have limited or no internal IT staff. Manny has to ensure that the systems he puts in place are easy to install, run, and maintain. Greenwire often acts as the client’s IT department; so powerful, best-in-class solutions are essential for his business and his client’s business. All this must be done on time, within budget, and with maximum ROI.

Finding solutions to fit his clients’ needs requires Manny to research and test many vendor’s offerings. He does not want to waste his clients’ time or money (or his own), so the solutions he implements need to work correctly the first time and deliver long-term reliability.

A well-known backup software product was giving Manny a lot of headaches when it came to restoring files easily, let alone at a moment’s notice. When asked about his experience Manny replied, “I used one of the well known products on the market, but with a lot of prayers.” There was no one event that drove Manny to look for something else, but rather a series of events. He knew he did not want to be on tape backup because it could take a minimum of three days to get back up in the event of a disaster. “Three days could be tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses for my clients, so why take that chance when there is a minimal amount of outlay for Datto to backup to the cloud?”

Manny first found out about Datto while in the middle of piloting a cloud backup trial with a second backup vendor’s product. He was able to backup a Linux database to test to the cloud, but the IP information did not transmit, and attempts to open ports on the firewall were unsuccessful. Following the failed trial, Manny conducted additional due diligence and found Datto. He was concerned about the initial hardware costs, but after crunching the numbers, he realized that after a few months it was actually cheaper than buying other hardware solutions. For a small to medium-sized business it made sense and was a very reasonably priced solution.

Aside from the competitive price, Manny was impressed with the included capabilities of Datto’s SIRIS, such as instant virtualization and screenshot backup verification. Instant virtualization allows Datto SIRIS to act as a standalone server and assures a quick recovery. Plus, the fact that Datto SIRIS automatically boots up VMs and tests their viability allows Manny to sleep well at night, confident his data is safely and securely stored on both the local Datto appliance and in the cloud. “It’s been working great so far and I’m confident in the event of a disaster that my data will be quickly recoverable.”

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