Putting BCDR In The Fast Lane

As Datto partner, Chad Kempt, puts it, “the best backup is the one you don’t have to use. But when you need to use it, that’s when it really counts.” Kempt is the founder of Fast Computers, an MSP located in Ontario, Canada. The service-based company has a small staff, with only six people running their entire production. Fast Computers works with a variety of verticals, ranging from law firms to manufacturing.

“We have a small staff, but I refuse to give up quality just to get quantity. Our team knows the product and knows our clients,” said Kempt.

Fast Computers has been a Datto Partner for about four years, ever since Datto brought a data center into the country. Kempt was intrigued by the Datto solution, and as soon as he saw Datto’s commitment to Canadian partners, he knew he had to make the switch.

When Build Your Own Doesn’t Cut It

Prior to partnering with Datto, Fast Computers was relying on building their own solution. They worked with various technologies, and catered to clients on a case-by-case basis. However, when he came across Datto, he knew it was the right solution. “As soon as I got the Datto device in my hands, I knew I had to make the switch. Datto’s ease-of-use is one of the greatest assets. With our old solution, entry-level techs would struggle with the implementation and restores. With Datto, I can have anyone in my office do the file restore,” Kempt said.

One of Fast Computers’ clients is a small automotive repair shop. With no IT staff on hand, they rely on Kempt for various aspects to protect their invoices and keep their business running. When a server failed in January 2016, Fast Computers and Datto were able to save the day.

“After multiple drives failed, we knew we were in for a heavy scenario. Not only did the main shop rely on this server, but a second location as well. If they can’t access invoices and client information, they’ll be hit pretty hard with downtime. We spent a few minutes attempting to get the drive to come back online, but that was a lost cause. We booted the Datto up, and Datto Tech Support helped us through any hurdles in our way,” Kempt said.

The shop ran off the Datto for the next four days as Kempt and Fast Computers readied a new server and set it up. After normal business hours, they scheduled time to get the new server in place and things were back to normal.

“The highlight for me was getting everything back to normal without any downtime, which would have been impossible with traditional BCDR technology. If we were still relying on a build-your-own solution, it would have likely taken a few days to restore, and it would have been a pretty terrible experience,” Kempt said.

Having a Reliable Solution in Your Corner

“Technically, Datto is very consistent, whether we’re talking about an ALTO or a SIRIS. When I’m training a tech, I know we’re going to have the same interface, and same feel. That makes our support much better because we’re spending less time working on the units and more time focusing on what we need to,” said Kempt.

As he puts it, Datto does everything he wants, and more. “Datto helps me in every way. I win, they win, we all win. I don’t have a relationship like that with any other vendor,” Kempt added.

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