Ensure Continuity with Your EMR Upgrade

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“If we still had tape backups, what we would have had was tapes and nothing to restore it up to.” Allergy & Asthma Center

EZSolution provides Allergy & Asthma with 24/7/365 monitoring of 70 devices including servers, PCs, and routers in four locations. Allergy & Asthma is a fast paced and growing practice; they had recently made the decision to move toward a total Electronic Medical Records (EMR) environment to better serve their patients.

With the upgrade to EMR, EZSolution recommended that Allergy & Asthma also upgrade to a backup and business continuity solution.

Existing tape backup would not deliver a fast, clean and reliable backup should a disaster occur. Tape also makes complying with the HIPAA more challenging.

EZSolution recommended the Datto SIRIS. SIRIS can perform instant on and off-site virtualizations and recover full systems in a matter of minutes.


Datto works with the solution providers of healthcare-related businesses to help demonstrate the correct process and procedures to achieve HIPAA compliance, such as secure a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Here is the Asthma & Allergy story. Sunday Morning As luck, or timing, would have it, soon after the new Datto SIRIS was put in place, Allergy & Asthma’s Exchange Server went down with an unrecoverable dual hard drive failure. The crash occurred at 8AM on a Sunday morning. Have you ever seen a doctor’s office open at 8AM on a Sunday? Exactly. Without the alerting from the managed services, and the instant on-site virtualization of the SIRIS, the problem would have gone undetected and unaddressed until Monday morning.

But there’s more ...

Monday Morning Around 1AM on the following Monday morning, the server running the main line of business software went offline. Later at 6:30AM, an on-site tech at Allergy & Asthma discovered that this same server also had dual drive failure. While the drives were in a recoverable state, it was found that some of the databases had been corrupted. Full use of the line of business software resumed by 1PM Monday.

After hours Monday night, working remotely, the team moved the virtual Exchange server image off of the SIRIS on to temporary hardware, began the final migration to the new hardware and began preparing to migrate the application server. That server went offline again at 11PM, shortly after the final snapshot of the completed migration.

Tuesday Morning The team arrived on-site at 6:30AM on Tuesday to find that the server drive in the old server had failed again after the backup. Going to the new server, the team took the copied image (thank goodness for image-based backup!) from the Datto SIRIS and started it up.

Success It was fully operational by 7:45AM. Had Allergy & Asthma been using a tape backup product, the total downtime could have been three business days, with normal operations not able to occur until Thursday.

Monday is the busiest patient day in the practice, as in most medical practices. With 50 employees and four physicians in four locations, downtime could have cost Allergy & Asthma $15,000 based on lost opportunity cost, staff time, and time to duplicate work. Not to mention potential compliance regulations that were not met.

How much are your clients willing to lose in downtime? How much are your healthcare-related clients willing to be fined in violation of compliance requirements?

Do the best for your healthcare-related clients. Datto SIRIS delivers business continuity to mitigate downtime, provides local encryption to secure data from the device to Datto’s compliant data centers, and Datto will sign your Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

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