Datto Networking Tips & Tricks: Turning WiFi into a Revenue Generating Machine

For managed service providers (MSPs) deploying and managing guest WiFi networks for their clients, there's a huge opportunity to generate recurring revenue from this service. The integration between Datto's Captive Portal and MyWiFi Network's WiFi helps MSPs do just that. This integration enables MSPs with a marketing platform to help them build a recurring revenue stream, differentiate themselves from the competition, provide exceptional value to their clients, and sell more services. Datto teamed up with MyWiFi Network for a webinar where we discuss this integration and the benefits it brings to MSPs in more depth.

During this event, we discuss:

  • How to grow your business with MSP-Centric Networking
  • The secrets to selling Networking-as-a-Service (NaaS)
  • Breaking into new "niche" markets and building new recurring revenue streams with WiFi
  • And more!