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Datto rounds out our comprehensive set of products. Datto is Continuity. Page Moon, CIO of Focus Data Solutions, Inc. Services

Focus Data Solutions was founded in July 2001 to facilitate the delivery of Internet related services for their clients. In January 2002, CIO Page Moon worked with the City of Alexandria, VA on their first big project. In 2005 their team grew of five employees, they now have 10. They evolved into a managed services firm dedicated to small and medium sized professional firms. They manage over 800 systems and 125+ clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

Prior to Datto, they managed various solutions from different developers and manufacturers. Most of their clients came to them with non-functional or marginally functional tape based solutions. Focus Data Solutions was forced to either stabilize the client’s existing solutions, or they reluctantly replaced it with unsatisfactory and overly complicated software and hardware solutions. In most cases these systems were only partially useful.

Page wanted a centrally managed solution that fit with his managed services model – to easily and remotely manage multiple client systems and not spend hours doing so. After researching many solutions and speaking to others in their industry, he decided to partner with Datto. Datto SIRIS immediately solved a number of workload and technical issues. As Page notes:

Gone were our 6-plus hour log reviews as well as a number of issues with reviewing dissimilar systems at each site. Gone, too, were technical hurdles during a crash recovery. (Datto) SIRIS was a reliable platform for restoring file level data and for returning the network to a functional state in as little as 15 minutes from the crash.

Datto SIRIS has saved Focus Data Solutions’ clients money, time and productivity. Datto’s staff has helped Focus Data Solutions to develop the proof of concept pieces, detailed documentation materials and even assisted them with on-the-phone sales assistance when necessary to move clients over to the Datto solution. Not only does Focus Data Solutions install and manage Datto SIRIS for their clients, they are users as well. Their primary server, which manages and maintains 800 plus other systems, failed catastrophically. With Datto SIRIS they were able to run their most important system virtually within 15 minutes of the server failure. They have other Datto success stories to share, so stay tuned. Call Datto today, and start giving your clients peace of mind with intelligent business continuity

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