Evading Ransomware During Tax Season with Datto

CMG Computing Services has been serving small businesses in North Bay, Ontario since 1984. As a full service managed service provider (MSP), CMG operates as the remote IT department for their clients from an array of verticals including, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and automotive. While their clients may be very diverse, each face a common threat when it comes to data security: ransomware.

Recently, CMG’s largest customer, an accounting firm, had a run in with ransomware during the worst possible time: tax season. Prior to the attack, CMG had moved the firm over from tape backup to the Datto SIRIS, a total data protection platform designed to deliver fast automated backups and quick recovery times. Chris Guertin, owner of CMG, described a seamless transition over to the SIRIS and was able to back up all eight servers.

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