How a Dental Office Found the Right Backup and Recovery Solution

“We want to serve our patients, not worry about IT,” says Lori Buchman, Practice Administrator with Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry in Lincoln, NE. The IT challenges for the growing dental practice, however, are many. With 34 employees in two locations, one virtualized host and four servers, not to mention HIPAA compliance, it’s imperative that their data be secure and systems are always on.

The above challenges are why Lori and Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry rely on Bizco Technologies to manage all their IT needs. Bizco is a full-service managed service provider, also based in Lincoln, in business since 1994.

Bizco’s success is based on their ability to help businesses excel by implementing and managing the most applicable IT solutions. For Paul Zoz, Bizco President, it’s about “working diligently to make concepts such as “productivity” and “lower TCO” both meaningful and measurable in our customer’s work environment.” It’s not just about the technology; it’s about how the technology and its implementation can have a positive affect on the business.

Based on potential downtime alone ... the cost would easily have reached $60,000.
Lori Buchman
Practice Administrator, Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry

One of Bizco’s top priorities in working with Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry was evaluating their existing backup, recovery and continuity product. The teams had exhausted two solutions already, so they needed the third to be final. Carl Steffens, Senior Design Consultant, with Bizco led the evaluation team. Part of the evaluation process was based on problems they had with the first two solutions. Requirements included:

  • U.S based, always-on tech support
  • Easy to use portal, to manage the solution
  • Image based-backup
  • Speed of reloads
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Instant local and off-site virtualization

Given the nature of Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry’s, the ultimate goal is to have a solution that will virtualize in seconds and, as Carl says, “keep me out of trouble.”

Trouble is nearly what the entire team found themselves in when Cryptolocker entered the Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry network. The potential for disaster with the nasty ransomware virus was huge.

Based on potential downtime alone, Lori Buchman estimated the cost would easily have reached $60,000. And this doesn’t account for potential compliance violations, non-billable hours, lost revenue, and unhappy clients.

As soon as the Cyrptolocker was found on Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry’s system, Bizco went into action with these simple steps:

  1. Remove the virus (you can use virus removal of choice)
  2. Delete the encrypted files from the server (test your file restore before deleting any files)
  3. Mount a local restore from the Datto SIRIS and recover the infected files back to a healthy state.
  4. Continue to backup the system during the process

The trifecta of Bizco, Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry and Datto ensured that there was no data loss, no ransom needed to be paid, and business operations didn’t miss a beat. The cost of implementing the new Datto solution more than paid for itself based on the CryptoLocker scare alone.